Mission Statement

It is Restoring Hope’s primary goal to provide trauma-informed treatment and counseling services in a calm and accepting environment, which promotes family engagement, participant empowerment, and collaboration. Restoring Hope recognizes the signs of trauma in individuals seeking services and therefore uses a universal precautions approach, committed to safety and healing through resistance in re-traumatization of participants.


Leslee Whiteman, LCPC, CADC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Age Groups: Teens and Adults

Amanda Lewis

Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor

Age Groups: Teens and Adults

Denise Whiteman, MBA

Administrative Director

Company History

With over 50 years of collaborative professional experience in the mental health and addiction treatment field, the founders of Restoring Hope – Healing from Trauma and Addiction designed a counseling program that systematically addresses trauma and its effect on individuals and families. Restoring Hope uses a person-centered approach and is based on the philosophy that one’s behaviors are understood in the context of coping strategies designed to survive adversity and often overwhelming life circumstances. The founders believe in providing services that empower whole-hearted living by cultivating and embracing hope.

Each staff member at Restoring Hope, from the administrative staff to the Board of Directors, have successfully completed trauma-informed competency training and continue to receive on-going trauma and addiction trainings, creating a culture of hope and healing for each Restoring Hope participant.