Jacalyn Marosi

Educational Background, Certifications, & Licensing

Education: Master's of Education from the University of Idaho in 2012

Hello there! My name is Jacalyn Marosi, most people call me Jacs.

I'm the quirky, animated, redhead that also works in marketing and graphic design. 

I came aboard Restoring Hope about a year before the grand opening as the Director of Marketing. My Mother and Sister-in-Law are two of the three founding partners of Restoring Hope.

I've done graphic design for years as a hobby, it's a creative outlet for me. Being self-taught, I didn't expect to be working in something that I enjoy so much so I feel incredibly blessed to be working in this capacity at Restoring Hope. I love being able to find out what's important to a business and then graphically represent it as the brand.

Favorite part of Restoring Hope?

I enjoy the work, but my favorite things about my job is being able to work closely with my Mom and Sister-in-Law.

Why Restoring Hope?

I chose Restoring Hope because I believe that there is healing from trauma and addiction. It's not about survival, that's easy, it's about pushing through the pain and then finding beauty from it. While trauma and addiction don't "go away", it can go into a sort of remission. I am resilient, I do prevail!