Tina Wilson

Educational Background, Certifications, & Licensing

  • I have an A.S. degree in Business Management from Fresno City College. 
  • I have been have been an administrative assistant for over 10 years.

About Me:

Hi there! My name is Tina Wilson, my nickname as a kid was Tina-Bob---because I use to bob into things. And I still do. I am one of two Administrative Assistant here at Restoring Hope. I've been here since June 2021.

My interests are varied as I believe in "variety is the spice of life." I love to read, do light gardening-now into houseplants, huge dog lover- I have 4 dogs and with that - a very tolerant and patient husband, I dabble a bit in crafts then move onto something else crafty, watch British TV drama shows, love spending time at my soul space- the beach, and just spend time with my granddaughter Piper.

Favorite thing about Restoring Hope?

Everyone that works here is so nice and caring!! I feel very fortunate to work with such great people.

Why Restoring Hope?

When I first walked in I felt an immediate sense of calm and hope. It is evident in how the counselors are with the clients and with each other.