Group Therapy

We provide various group therapy options using a safe and supportive platform where you can learn and grow in healthy and creative ways.

Group Therapy consists of a skilled, well-trained group leader (therapist) and 3-12 group members. Group therapy is shown to be a compelling source for stabilization, support, and healing through fostering healthy attachments, providing positive peer reinforcement and learning new coping skills.

We also encourage family members to participate in your healing journey and therefore provide family group therapy which may be incorporated into your treatment.

The Groups offered will vary, but we have offered or will offer the following groups:

  • Gender Specific Groups:
    • Helping Women Recover
    • Beyond Trauma Women’s group
    • Beyond Anger and Violence- A Program for Women
    • Helping Men Recover
  • Trauma Specific Groups
    • Trauma Education Group
    • Trauma Process Group
  • Substance Use Related Groups
    • Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Support Group
    • Co-Dependency Group
    • Alcohol and Drug Education group
      • 8-hour education classes available (Early Intervention)
    • Family Education Group
    • Early Recovery: Stabilization and Initial Skills Development Group
    • Mindfulness Recovery Enhancement
  • Anger Management
  • Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT)