Joyce Yeager

Educational Background, Certifications, & Licensing

  • I received a Masters in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University in 2002.

  • I am licensed as a professional counselor since 2011 by the State of Idaho.

  • I also worked as a licensed counselor for the State of Texas.

  • I will become licensed as a Counseling Supervisor for LCPC's by the end of September, 2021.

About me:

Hi! My name is Joyce Yeager. Most people call me Joyce, but sometimes just "Hey, you!" That works!

I was colleagues with two of the founding partners at Restoring Hope before RH was organized. I consider myself to be a "charter" member of the organization.


I work with couples in helping them gain skills towards better communication and understanding of themselves and each other. Additionally, I enjoy helping folks learn the importance and the how-to in taking better care of themselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually, which can alleviate their depression and anxiety.

My Approach / Philosophy:

I take an eclectic approach in my work utilizing skills gained from Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Imago Relationship, and other modalities. I believe that healing can best take place in an environment of emotional safety and trust.

What do you love about Restoring Hope?

I enjoy very much working as a professional counselor. One of the professional perks in my work at Restoring Hope is that each counselor doesn't have to "go it alone." We help each other with clinical issues as well as we know personally that we belong and are important to the overall success and mission of Restoring Hope.

Why Restoring Hope?

I chose Restoring Hope because I believe that there is healing from trauma and addiction. The holistic approach taken at Restoring Hope is what makes healing - deep healing - happen!