Tyler Leenknecht

Educational Background, Certifications, & Licensing

B.S. in Management and Social Sciences

My name is Tyler and I grew up in Washington, went to college in Oregon, and then planted in Idaho.  I've been here since 2018 and have worked on both the State and City level, getting to know a lot of wonderful people here.  Over the years I have had many different places of employment, allowing me the opportunity to work with a diverse amount of people.  From fitness to corrections, teaching to the parks department, or manufacturing to kid summer camps, I've had a plethora of careers and met a vast amount of people in the process.  I realized in all that, I just love people and learning about individuals, talking about what makes us who we are and doing our best to learn from each other.  I'm an active person and enjoy fitness, yoga, and biking with my dog, but I also love sitting with a hot cup of coffee and dwelling on the universe.  I consider myself to be an open person and I hope that on this journey I can come to truly appreciate the help that I continually receive from my interactions with others.